BT 8501B-AT – Aluminum Holiday Rambler and Monaco Radiator with Oil Cooler


The BT 8501B-AT is an all aluminum radiator designed for Holiday Rambler and Monaco motorhomes with an automatic transmission. It is built using the latest in aluminum brazing technology that requires no epoxy, making it more durable than similar radiators built with epoxy. The core has three rows of tubes and measures 36.50 inches from header to header, 23.49 inches from side to side, and 3.50 inches thick.  Both the inlet and outlet measure 2.25 inches and the center of one hose connection is 18.675 inches from the center of the other hose connection.

*Check Center to Center On Radiator Hoses *
With 18.00 Centers Use Part# BT 8501 AT Monaco Radiator


Core Measurements
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36.50 23.49 3.50


Additional Details
Inlet 2.25 inch
Outlet 2.25 inch
Construction Material Aluminum
Matching Core 3-2301 Core
Core Rows 3
Oil Cooler Included Yes

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