Custom Heat Exchanger
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Our custom manufacturing service ensures you get the exact fit, style, and cooling ability you need for your heat exchanger. Whether it is aluminum or copper-brass, we have the capabilities to serve you.

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Our onsite draftsmen will work with you to design your unit. We won’t start building it until you give the final approval on the drawing. This ensures that the unit is exactly what you need. The unit will be an exact fit for your application, so there won’t be any hassle with the installation and no need for spacers or modifications. With the high-quality materials we use and the individual, hands-on attention each unit gets, our units will cool better than the stock parts and other units that are on the market. Every unit built is individually tested prior to shipping to guarantee they are 100% leak free.

Aluminum Heat Exchanger Manufacturing

We noticed a need for quality parts thanks to our background in the automotive service industry, so we began manufacturing our own. Originally we were focused on just consumer automotive applications, but as our reputation grew we expanded and have manufactured aluminum heat exchangers for antique cars to class 7 and 8 trucks to huge locomotive radiators and even heat exchangers for a wide variety of custom projects. The secret to our success is simple, quality materials, application specific design, and quality manufacturing process. Every charge air cooler, oil cooler, and radiator we manufacture is individually tested before leaving our facility so you don’t have to worry about leaks. From industrial equipment to consumer vehicle applications and virtually everything in between, we have the capability to serve you. For some details on our designs and materials check out our Tube Designs page and our Ultimate Duty C-Bar Design.

Copper-Brass Radiator Manufacturing

While we may have started in aluminum manufacturing, we recently expanded to bring our experience and expertise to copper-brass radiator manufacturing. We apply the same quality standards to our copper-brass products to ensure you get the best quality unit on the market. We offer 1/2 inch and 3/4 tubes in three different designs: Inline, Staggered, or Canted.

The core can be built with either flat or serpentine fins. Serpentine fins are only available with the inline design and are louvered. Flat fins can use any of the three designs and are dimpled. We offer both bolt on tanks and soldered tanks. As always, we’ll build the unit to match your measurements.


Custom Fan Shrouds and Condensers

Even the best automotive radiator needs a good fan and shroud to move air at low speeds. We can custom manufacture a fan shroud to fit your radiator. Depending on the clearances available under the hood, we can set you up with either a grill side or engine side configuration. To ensure that your fan moves as much air as possible through the radiator, we use rubber flaps to help seal off shroud vents at low speed to help force air through the radiator. When your vehicle is moving at highway speed, the flaps open to allow as much air through the radiator as possible. We even carry wiring harnesses and fan controllers to ensure your setup is complete.

We design our fan shrouds so that they cover the entire surface of the core to ensure maximum air flow through the radiator.

In addition to fan shrouds, we can add A/C condensers to your radiator and custom manufacture any of the mounts and line extensions needed for it. We build the mounting braces with open slots to ensure that air flow is not impeded. With our custom line extensions, there is no need to wrap A/C condenser lines around the radiator. We can design them to be placed wherever you need to make it easy to connect the lines. This has the added benefit of making everything look great under the hood. Give us a call so we can discuss your exact needs for a fan and shroud or condenser.