BT 1204 Recore – Aluminum American LaFrance Charge Air Cooler


The BT 1204 recore service is for all aluminum charge air cooler used in American LaFrance vehicles.  We can take your existing charge air cooler unit and replace the core with a brand new one.  The core is made in America using the latest in aluminum brazing technology which eliminates the need for epoxy.  That makes this charge air cooler core far more durable than similar products made with epoxy.  The core measures 27.50 inches from header to header, 27.28 inches from side to side, 2.21 inches thick, and 2.50 inches inside the header.

Core Measurements
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27.38 27.28 2.21 2.50
Additional Info

Core # BT 37-5

Additional Details
Construction Material Aluminum