UN 1007 – Aluminum Radiator with Oil Cooler


This all aluminum radiator is custom made for a vehicle with an automatic transmission engine.  Designed using the latest aluminum brazing technology, this radiator uses no epoxy in the construction.  The core uses two rows of 1.25 inch tubes and measures 17.50 inches from header to header, 16.375 inches from side to side, and 2.75 inches thick.  Aluminum tanks have been TIG welded to the core, giving an overall height of 23.00 inches and overall length of 21.50 inches. The inlet measures 1.50 inch and the outlet is 1.75 inch.  As this radiator is not designed to fit a particular vehicle or equipment, some modification may be necessary to make it fit.

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Core Measurements
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17.50 16.375 2.75


Additional Details
Inlet 1.50
Outlet 1.75 inch
Construction Material Aluminum
Core Rows 2
Radiator Flow Style Downflow
Overall Height (in) 23.00
Overall Width (in) 21.50
Oil Cooler Included Yes
Tube Size 1.25