BT 5725 – Snow Blower Radiator


The BT 8725 is an all aluminum replacement radiator for a Snow Blower. Manufactured in the USA using controlled atmosphere brazing, the epoxy-free core has one row of 3.150 micro-extruded  tubes and measures 29.50 inches from header to header, 31.67 inches from side to side, 3.150 inches thick, and 6 inches inside the header. Aluminum tanks are TIG welded to the core to provide the strongest possible bond and has a 2.00 inch inlet and outlet. Each unit is individually tested prior to shipping and guaranteed to be 100% leak free.


NOTE: Shown with optional trans cooler. 

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Core Measurements
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29.50 31.67 3.150 6.00


Additional Details
Inlet 2.00 inch
Outlet 2.00 inch
Construction Material Aluminum
Core Rows 1
Tube Size 3.150 Micro-Extruded