BT 5268 Recore – Aluminum Radiator and Oil Cooler Combo Unit


The BT 5268 Recore all aluminum, heavy duty oil cooler and radiator combo unit recore service allows us to take the existing oil cooler and radiator combo unit and replace the leaking core with a brand new one. Manufactured in the USA using controlled atmosphere brazing, the epoxy-free core is built using our most durable heat exchanger design that is capable of withstanding tremendous heat and pressure. The C-Bar design uses heavy duty extruded tubes and eliminates the header plates which minimizes the number of potential failure points. The core measures 17.25 inches from tank to tank, 16.968 inches from side to side, and 3.15 inches thick. We will reuse your aluminum tanks (provided they are in good shape) and TIG weld them directly to the core to ensure the strongest possible bond.

Core Measurements
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17.25 16.968 3.15


Additional Details
Construction Material Aluminum