BT 5179 – Aluminum John Deere 310K Backhoe Loader Oil Cooler


The all aluminum BT 5179 heavy duty oil cooler is an exact fit, OEM replacement for John Deere 310K backhoe loaders. Manufactured in the USA using controlled atmosphere brazing, the epoxy-free core is built using our heaviest duty design that is capable of withstanding tremendous heat and pressure. The core is built using solid extruded tubes and is brazed as one solid unit without any header plates. This eliminates thousand of failure points since there are no tube seams and no header joint seams. It measures 25.25 inches from tank to tank, 25.00 inches from side to side, and 2.25 inches thick. Aluminum tanks are TIG welded directly to the core ensuring the strongest possible bond. Every unit is individually tested and guaranteed to be 100% leak free.

Core Measurements
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25.25 25.00 2.25


Additional Details
Construction Material Aluminum