BT 5122 – Aluminum Monaco Dynasty Motorhome Oil Cooler


This all aluminum oil cooler is designed for 2004 Monaco Dynasty motorhomes with a Cummins 400 HP engine and is built using our Ultimate Duty C-Bar design.  The C-Bar design provides the most extreme durablity and performance by eliminating the most common failure points.  Constructed using solid aluminum extruded tubes and all aluminum brazing techniques that require zero epoxy, this oil cooler can withstand even the toughest abuse.  The core measures 41.50 inches from tank to tank, 6.37 inches from side to side, and 3.50 inches thick.  Aluminum extruded tanks are welded directly to the core without using header plates to ensure the strongest bond possible and have #12 O-ring boss fittings for both the inlet and outlet.  This exact fit oil cooler matches the OEM specifications and will both cool better and last longer than similar units.

Core Measurements
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41.50 6.37 3.50


Additional Details
Inlet # 12 ORB
Outlet # 12 ORB
Construction Material Aluminum