BT 1213 – Aluminum Monaco Motorhome Charge Air Cooler


The BT 1213 is an all aluminum charge air cooler designed as an exact fit, OEM replacment for Monaco Motorhomes.  Manufactured in America, we use the latest in aluminum brazing technology to ensure the highest quality coolers on the market.  Our epoxy free charge air cooler can endure more of the abuse that these units face than similar coolers made with epoxy.  The core measures 54.38 inches from header to header, 18.00 inches from side to side, 2.76 inches thick, and 3.50 inches inside the header.  Aluminum tanks are TIG welded by our expert welders to the core to provide the strength these coolers need.  Both the inlet and outlet measure 4.00 inches.

Core Measurements
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53.63 17.75 2.76 3.63
Additional Info

Core # BT 23-2

Additional Details
Inlet 4.00
Outlet 4.00
Construction Material Aluminum