Our Copper-Brass Manufacturing Capabilities

Over the past couple of years we have brought our heat exchange expertise to copper-brass radiators and are now expanding our copper-brass capabilities again this year. We get a lot of questions regarding what we can do, so let’s answer those questions today.

We still recommend an aluminum radiator if you’re having over-heating issues, but if you want to keep the equipment as close to stock as possible, we’ll help you out by manufacturing a copper-brass radiator to the OE specifications. We have enough options to choose from for tube sizes, fins, and design styles that we can definitely meet your cooling needs.

Copper-Brass Core Designs

We have three designs that you can pick from: Inline, Staggered, or Canted. These designs refer to the tube placement within the core. The inline design has tubes placed side by side and evenly distributed through out the core and is considered the standard design for a copper-brass radiator. Staggered means the tubes are offset from each other instead of being side by side which provides both better cooling as well as a reduction in noise from air passing through the core (which can be a problem on some heavy equipment). On the canted design, the tubes are both staggered and set at differing angles to provide the maximum amount of cooling and noise reduction.

Copper-Brass Fins and Tubes

We offer both 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch tubes on any of the designs. Depending on which core design you need, you can have either flat or serpentine fins. Flat fins can be used with any of the three designs, but the serpentine fins are only available with the inline design. The serpentine fins are louvered and the flat fins are dimpled to help increase the cooling capability of the unit. We can do anywhere from two to eight rows of tubes as needed to match the OE specs or space that is available.

Let Us Handle Your Copper-Brass Cooling Needs

The next time you need a custom copper-brass radiator, call us first. We’ll use our 60 plus years experience in the heat exchange business to ensure you get the exact unit that will meet your needs.

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