How to Protect Heat Exchangers from Corrosive Environments

You don’t always get to pick the type of environment your equipment operates in. Some of the most costly damage occurs due to environmental corrosion that reduces a heat exchangers ability to cool equipment; however, you can protect your equipment from this type of problem.

There are a wide number of environments that are extremely destructive to metal. It is an on going battle to keep equipment from breaking down prematurely. An estimated $250 million is spent annually in expenses due to heat exchanger corrosion. Some of these harsh environments include:

  • Marine and Coastal
  • Mining
  • Factories
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Agricultural

The chemicals and pollutants found in these environments will significantly damage equipment. So what is the solution to avoid costly repairs and down time? The best solution is to have your heat exchangers e-coated in a special process that provides a complete layer of protection over the entire product.

What is E-Coating?

Electrocoating, or e-coating, is a process used to create a protective film, both inside and out, on metals that are exposed to aggressive environments. While the process and science is a little technical, the simplified version is that the component to be coated, such as a charge air cooler, is placed in a special bath through which an electrical charge is passed. The electrical charge causes the organic compounds in the bath to adhere to the surface of the metal, forming a protective film. Since the process is performed with the product completely submerged, the protective film evenly coats every surface. Afterwards, some time in an oven bakes the film into a hard surface that is resistant to chemicals and solvents.

E-coated charge air coolers, radiators, and oil coolers will last much longer than when untreated. It is the best protection you can get for your equipment parts. If you have need of e-coated heat exchangers to replace ones that are damaged, then give use a call at 1-800-223-4299 to place an order or get additional information.

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